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20 Ways to Build your Daughter’s Self-Esteem:

  1. Give her unconditional love and acceptance

  2. Respect her

  3. Model and enforce boundaries

  4. Work on your own self-esteem

  5. Have high but reasonable expectations

  6. Encourage problem solving

  7. Encourage your daughter to recognize her feelings

  8. Maintain appropriate physical contact

  9. Encourage and discuss your daughter’s goals and dreams

  10. Look into her eyes (show her you love her)

  11. Make positive comments to others

  12. Make positive comments to her just because

  13. Model a balanced life and discuss its importance

  14. Discuss the difference between self-esteem, self confidence, self-image and self-concept

  15. Schedule a mother/daughter and/or a father/daughter night out

  16. Each night spend 15-30 minutes with each child

  17. Find an opportunity for her to teach you something

  18. Foster her internal feedback system

  19. Support her opinions and decisions whenever possible

  20. Encourage extracurricular activities. (e.g. sports, music, Girls scouts)