Are you or your teenager stressed out, anxious, depressed and want to improve your life? Are you ready to feel better about a difficult situation or problem-solve to make life easier? Could your relationships be healthier, more loving and satisfying? Would you like to improve your self esteem, confidence and overall emotional health?

I can help by providing a respectful and professional environment where we can explore the issues causing you grief and work together to lessen your pain. Through support and encouragement we can explore the issues causing discomfort, identify problem areas, and explore unhealthy behaviors. I respect the pace of the individual in therapy and provide a space to explore and improve mental health. I work with teenagers, adults, couples and families treating anxiety, depression, self-mutilation, divorce, grief/loss, parenting concerns, self esteem, improving relationships and easing transitions. I am compassionate, caring, and understanding.

I use a variety of therapeutic approaches depending upon the presenting situation. For instance, I offer cognitive/behavioral techniques when working with depression, anxiety and sleeping issues and I use an object relations and/or family systems approach in couples and family work.

When I work with teenagers, I also work with parents to set goals, check progress and offer suggestions for instituting positive changes. Keeping your teenager's confidence and trust is crucial to me but working with parents with a team approach has proven to be successful in creating positive changes and improved mental health. I offer parent conferences at the beginning of treatment and along the way as needed. As a parent of grown children and a school counselor for over 20 years, I can help support and ease parenting challenges.